Filming in Our County’s Capital for Deloitte – Instant Turn Around for Production

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

We’re more than excited to be back in our county’s capital to capture and produce another great video for our clients at Deloitte. This is our second occasion coming to Ottawa to film the perspectives of the key Partner at Deloitte as it pertains to the release of the Federal Budget. This project is a perfect example of a production that requires an “instant turn around” for completion. In order for us to achieve this mandate, we have brought an experienced crew, an editor and even a complete edit suite to the offices of Deloitte in Ottawa.

Upon the release of the Federal Budget at 4:00pm, we will have just a few hours to film the perspectives of the Partners involved, complete all Post-Production and upload a final approved video to Deloitte’s server. Our goal is to again be “first in-market” and we will succeed in our goal, thanks to the preparation of all assets, proper planning, and the readiness of our team to execute their roles when and as needed – similar to a relay Race. And we’re here to score a big win for our client – to be First in Market.

Delivering to our client’s needs and expectations is what drives us most. We are up for this challenge. Thank you to our clients Kimberly Francis and Allan Kirkpatrick of Deloitte for inviting us for a second year.

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