5 Hidden Values of Hiring a Video Company

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With the growth and accessibility of technology, it is becoming far easier for organizations to make attempts to produce video content on their own.

I must admit that there are some companies who do a good job in producing their own content, but those instances are few.  In most instances I have seen, there are obvious issues with self-made videos that ultimately weaken the message, cheapen the overall production value and can ultimately damage the credibility of the organization.

So what value can a professional video production company offer your company?


  1. A complete set of proper filming equipment is vital

Although your company may have invested in a good quality DSLR to capture and upload monthly Social Media posts, or Senior Management messages, what of the sound, lighting and overall composition of the shot?

A complete set of required equipment is paramount in capturing footage in the highest standards possible.


  1. Proper sound equipment delivers your message clearly.

It is obvious in many videos I’ve come across, that the footage was captured on a quality DSLR, but the sound was captured from the onboard camera mic. The result is a tinny/distant sound that has the annoyance of an echo to the dialogue. Such low quality sound cheapens the overall production value and weakens the delivery of the message.

Would you agree?


  1. Lighting is key to enhancing the capabilities of the camera.

I’ve recently reviewed a video that was filmed using an amazing DSLR, yet was not supported with proper lighting and in comparison reviewed a similar video captured on an iPhone, which was supported with professional attention to lighting.

Can you guess which video had a higher quality image, and displayed a higher production value?

There is currently an iPhone 6 transit shelter campaign that shows an image, which was captured on the iPhone 6 – it is a fantastic image.  But what makes it a great photo? Does the iPhone include a higher quality camera than a Canon 5D?

It was the attention to lighting that made the image stand out far ahead of what the standard user would photograph using their iPhone. Lighting brought the subject to life, and most importantly allowed the iPhone to capture the image within the best parameters of the camera.


  1. The need for overall design and attention to the composition.

Specific messages require the calm of a closed set – such as a CEO remark to their organization or consumer, whereas other video sets may require a busy backdrop that supports the specific message.

Also, as messaging is delivered, there must be consideration provided when the camera should range from a wide, medium or close-up shot. This range is based on the importance of what is being communicated. For instance, a general introduction would be wide, whereas a vital message should be a close-up shot, to draw the viewer into the frame.


  1. A talented editor builds and tells your story

Would you trust an architect to physically build your home? Although the architect knows how to design a home and adhere to structure codes, their ability falls shots as it pertains to physically cutting lumber and assembling the pieces to build a quality structure.

An editor is the craftsman who assembles the assets of a production into a coherent story built on a solid foundation. A talented editor will tell your story in a manner that is fluid, engaging and effective.

In addition, there are many tools of the trade needed to execute an edit, from the initial computer which supports the required processing speeds, graphic cards, and inputs/outputs for external supports such as specific speed hard drives. And let’s not forget about the required software and licensing, which includes a wide range of programs.


These 5 points listed are the basic examples of how a professional video production company can add value to your video production.

If you have any questions or a need for support for your next project, feel free to give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with support as needed.

Ultimately, we share the common goal, to present our companies/clients in the best light possible – no pun intended.


Cory Meli

Creative Director / Producer

Serendipity Video Productions

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